Why Windward?

What makes a person visit a church? What makes them decide to stay? We asked that question and share these answers, in the words of people who came and stayed at Windward.

Charles G. Hawkins, Sr. M.Div. D.Min.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be part of the nation of Israel when they arrived at the Red Sea? They witnessed Moses when he lifted his rod over the sea and the waters parted. Only God can do Miracles. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He only asks that we
“,,,have faith in God.” (Mark 11:22) You can find such a people at Windward Worship Center in Kaneohe, Hawaii. It's not about Windward Worship Center. It's about God.

It is such an inspiration for me at the advanced age of 79 to attend the regular services at WWC. I feel at times I have suddenly been transported back in time to the mid 1930's shortly after my conversion. I was learning about the wonderful ways of God that was so awe inspiring. As we grew older I am afraid we became complacent about this atmosphere that is the birthplace of the miraculous.

With the youthful demographic base of WWC & their faith, that in Christ all things are possible, I feel walking on water will soon become commonplace.

Julie Hobson

I believe it is normal to be a little apprehensive when going to a church for the first time - “Will anyone even notice me? Will I be the only new one? Am I going to have to talk to people or can I just sort of hide in the back? What is my quickest escape route after the service?” All these questions may be running through our minds; however, after my first service at Windward Worship Center I was smiling to myself thinking, “What was I so worried about? God's people are AWESOME!!
When I started going to Windward Worship Center, I was here by myself from the Mainland for college, but I soon had a warm home to go to every Sunday surrounded by fellow believers… family in Christ. I had “family” to just hang with on holidays. Only a week after attending I was invited to one of the families' home for Thanksgiving and was included right along with everyone else as if I'd always been there. So yes, Windward does give you that “warm feeling” inside; however, it's so much more than that.

If you're looking for a church in love with Jesus and in love with preaching His Word, Windward is that place. My husband and I never leave after a Sunday service without talking in depth about the things in our lives that need to change or be added in order to become more Christ-like.

Pastor Gary has a lot on his plate just as many pastors, but he loves his flock and makes time for them. Most importantly, our pastor loves his mighty God and we, his congregation, get all the overflow of that love. We are a blessed people indeed!!!

J.R. Fry

The intimacy within the church is the reason why I became a member of Windward Worship Center. When I first attended this church I will say it was a lot different compared to my church back home in Fairfield, California. In general and nothing specific, the whole service is completely different from the church I attend back home, but I kept going to Windward and thanks to Tony, I found this church to be my new home. I consider this to be home over the home I have back in California.

As you walk through the doors of Windward you are not welcomed with a hand shake, or a hello, but a an open armed hug, which to me shows compassion and love to one another as a unity of brothers and sisters in Christ. That is what a body of Christ should be like everywhere around the world and that is what Windward is all about. I love it here. I mean its Hawaii, where else would you want to be. I have met some great wonderful people.

Through this church God has called me to become a worshiper and to worship God freely and stop making you think of what other people will think of you when you worship God in the way He created you too. I definitely find this church the home sweet home and the last main reason also I love this church is because of the pastor.

I have never been to any church service and seen a Pastor shed a tear after every service like Pastor Gary does and that touched people. That's the kind of Pastor you want to lead your church, which you know that he has a heart for God. Pastor Gary reaches out to people in a way that no one else could like Pastor Gary does and I have never seen a Pastor work so hard at his called duty from God. Because of the OHANA this church represents and the presence that Pastor Gary presents every time I see him is the reasons why I choose Windward Worship Center.

Praise God for Blessing me with this church and Thank You Windward for being the OHANA God has blessed you with.

Evan Loya

I was moving to Hawaii! It is so true how things work out when you make God your priority! I have a great church family back in California and wanted to find the same in here. Our church had been following Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life/Church" worship and I wanted to find a church that was doing the same. I looked on the internet for Purpose Driven Churches and found Windward Worship Center.

I called Windward Worship when I arrived in Hawaii and spoke to Pastor Gary. Let me tell you, I loved hearing that southern accent having grown up in Texas! Most importantly, Gary said to just come by for the Sunday Service and "check it out". If I liked it great, if not, there was no commitment! First impressions are important and I truly wanted to meet Pastor Gary Langley.

Upon entering the church, I was warmly greeted as soon as I entered. There was not one person that I made I contact with that did not smile, say "hello" and give me a big hug. These people did not know me and it did not matter! Gary knew who I was immediately and just started to introduce me to everyone around. I sat down and met Ryan and Julie Hobson, newlyweds from the south who were close to my age! I was feeling at home.

The service was wonderful as were the tears in Pastor Gary's eyes while preaching the sermon. He even mentioned who I was in the sermon and that was awesome! I saw the love and sincerity and new I had found my church. I did not want to look nor did I need to look anywhere else. This was it for me.

Our sermon's topics are real and relate to my life! They are things I am hungry for and want to know about. I want to grow in the Lord each Sunday. It is so important to find a church and stay. It is not boring!!! I come alive in the worship! I come alive with the music at Windward Worship and it brings the message to me. The sermons are not complicated and not focused on a certain group of people; they are for everyone, God's people! Anyone can come in to the church and understand the message.

I started going to "Juice" and "Fruit"/Ghrut and started growing relationships with wonderful people that were my age. That was very important to me in just having moved to the island. I have also grown friendships with people of all ages at Windward Worship, and I think that is so cool. You don't find that at all churches.

I really liked that Windward Worship was a smaller church and more intimate. I could see it's potential to grow and I knew it would. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be able to get to know as many people on different levels whose lives are strong with love and their faith. This family knows each other. They do things together, laugh and cry together and know what is going on in each other's lives. Thank you Windward Worship!